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Do you like to travel?

Do you want to experience something unusual? Do you desire to visit places hidden to others?

Are you travelers, body and soul, or just dreaming about the possibility of seeing beautiful places of our planet?

We can mediate experience you will never forget. Do you desire to travel to your dream country and want to make an offer just for you? Decide which country is the right for you, answer the questions in section demand and contact us. We will contact you immediately and arrange details. Then we prepare an offer just for you. Places that we offer, we personally visited and tested.

We will prepare a friendly meeting, during which you will learn about your special places. We will choose interesting destinations which we introduce via our photos. We will share with you our own experiences.

We cooperate with renowned travel agencies and provide everything for you in accordance with the laws of Czech Republic, more…

We actively respond to travel market and that is why we extend our range of services. You can visit CA owner photo exhibitions across the Czech Republic or we can meet at travel debates.

 Do you prefer to travel alone? You are also on the right place. We can plan your travel itinerary.

Are you attracted to exotic? Do you want to visit Vietnam? Just contact us. We will help you with preparations for the trip and also provide your visas.


For many people, Alaska is the land of ice, snow and long winter where Grizzly bears, moose and wolves rule. For many Europeans, Alaska landscape is often inhospitable and almost inaccessible.
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Get to know the land, which many of you may have heard, but did not know much about. You certainly know about the painful history, but we can show you more. We will introduce you beautiful colored landscapes, full of contradictions.
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